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Maple Leaf Charolais

This is Us

Our family has been part of the Charolais community for many, many years. We have become known internationally for our quality Full French and Full French influenced animals. Specifically, we have seen many of our customers come back, not just for the outstanding confirmation and performance of our animals but for the high expectations we hold for temperament in our herd. We have sold Cattle out of country in the past and previously held an ongoing contract with a Mexican party for several years prior to BSE.

Maple Leaf's journey began back in 1966 when my Father, George Stewart imported the first Full French female. 36 years later, I had the privilege of breeding and raising the first Canadian born, polled Full French female in 2002. Over the years we have made connections with some incredible breeders and enthusiasts and our most sincere thanks go out to each and every one of you. 

The last few years have started to look very different for us, as a farm. I branched off from my Dad's operation a few years back and have since partnered with Ross Lake Charolais, Norway Valley Farms and Southside Charolais to create our own annual bull sale. We typically hold this sale the last Friday of February, for more information, see our events page. 

I am happy to say that my love of cattle has been carried on in all my children. Anyone that knows me personally has met my side-kick, Lyndon. without a doubt he has been the most dedicated and interested of all my kids. From day one and you can tell how much he loves cattle, even if he doesn't say too much. 

My daughter Chantelle and her boyfriend Gregg, have done a wonderful job of setting up their lives together. He is a highly sought after accountant and she is a high-school teacher. who has received some impressive accolades in her field for the care and concern she puts into her work. What might not be so public though, is her love of animals. In building this impressive foundation for herself, she hasn't quite gotten to some of her passion projects underway but you can always watch her light up when you mention her horses, dogs and cats. She will readily go on tangent about how she will one day have goats and sheep and cows once again. 

My daughter Jisteen, her husband Carl and kids: Briar, Frankie and Dax, have recently branched off on their own with a new farm by Thorsby, AB. Maple Leaf Community Farm is planning to carry on some of our Full French breeding on a small scale as well as several other breeding programs of other species. Their funny farm has all kinds of neat ventures that you can check out here.  

My son Shawn was recently married to lovely wife, Zoe. Together they have a little girl: Nellie and are expecting their second child in 2021. The two of them are both tradespeople and own a few head of commercial cattle. Zoe's family is also part of the farming community and we are thrilled to see them doing so well and sharing this passion for cattle. Zoe and Chantelle have started a side business called Country Sister's Creations. make sure you check out their   

Lastly, and certainly not least. My wife, Carey.

Over all these years of farming, we've seen many trials, what has not waivered is this woman. Growing up on a small farm she's been part of both dairy and Hereford cattle operations. She can drive a tractor, pull a calf and keep her composure when we sort. However, she has a passion for creating that I just can't wrap my head around. She can build anything her wild imagination dreams up. You can see some of her work on the services page. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website, feel free to reach out through the contact page if you have any questions. 


                                                                                 - Tom Stewart

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